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your daily animation dose by 3dgust

My feelings today… -Yawn-

Fun and cute, a lot of crashing, but who is paying attention to that. Enjoy it!

This one its a oldie. really fun :D. Enjoy!

This animation reminded me @veronikcs Merry christmas! Enjoy!

IM BACK ON TUMBLR GUYS!!! fun animation from all over the world! Merry Christmas! Enjoy!

Super awesome animation!! Cute, simple…funny…. Enjoy it!!

Hello People! This video reminded me my friends in Barcelona!! Enjoy it!

Yei! Happy Birthday Cartoon Network! one of the trippiest animation Ive ever seen. Enjoy!

Hello!! Im back online again!! Check this out!! 

Just WOW!!! THanks Conor for liking this!! Freaking amazing!!